NASA’s vision and mission necessitate that its workforce is ready and able to lead the world in space exploration, scientific discovery, technology development, and managerial excellence. NASA’s Fellowship Program plays a key role in this pursuit by ensuring that employees have the opportunity to obtain best-in-class development at the finest educational institutions. The NASA Fellowship Program is designed to:

  • Align individual development with NASA’s Vision and Mission,
  • Ensure that programs offered address NASA needs as identified in the Agency Leadership Model,
  • Provide competition to ensure that the most qualified candidates are selected for the right program at the right time in their career, and
  • Ensure the knowledge gained is quickly applied and shared upon return to the Agency to be sure that NASA obtains the maximum benefit from its investment.

NASA’s Fellowship Program offers various education programs provided by external organizations. These organizations are nationally recognized and fully accredited college, university, or Federal training institutes. Each year, participants are selected on a highly competitive basis.

Please contact your Center for information about Fellowship Program Opportunities.

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