Annual Call for Nominations

July 2, 2013


Office of Human Capital Management


TO:                  Officials-in-Charge of Headquarters Offices

FROM:            Assistant Administrator for Human Capital Management

SUBJECT:      Annual Request for Nominations for NASA's Development Programs


People are NASA’s ultimate flagship; without them, no mission can be achieved.  Developing employees’ technical and leadership skills to achieve the boldest misson in the Federal government is a key component of NASA’s workplace culture of innovation.  

NASA Foundations of Influence, Relationships, Success, and Teamwork (FIRST) and the Mid-Level Leader Program (MLLP) are Agency leadership development programs which focus on enhancing personal effectiveness, business acumen, communication, and decision making skills.  The Office of Human Capital Management is pleased to solicit nominations for the upcoming 2014 programs.

As always, candidate selection is based on the nominee’s demonstrated potential for assuming greater leadership responsibilities. To further enrich the collaborative experience of the programs, Centers are encouraged to ensure that nominees reflect the diversity of individuals within their workforce. In preparation for annual reporting requirements, Centers are asked to complete the attached data template and to articulate their efforts to ensure a diverse and inclusive pool of both applicants and program nominees. 

Nominations for both programs are due Friday, October 4. Please refer to the enclosed descriptions for detailed information on each program, selection criteria, and points of contact. Application materials are available through the NASA Electronic Forms System ( 

Center Training Offices should send PDF files of the final application packages via EMAIL to Katie Jennings (NASA FIRST) and Nancy Stewart (MLLP). Final packages will consist of the completed application forms and demographic data spreadsheet. Any incomplete packages will not be accepted.

Thank you in advance for your support of these programs.

Jeri Buchholz
Assistance Administrator, Office of Human Capital Management

Officials-in-Charge of Headquarters Offices (July 2, 2013)

Administrator/Mr. Bolden
Deputy Administrator/Ms. Garver
Associate Administrator/Mr. Lightfoot
Chief of Staff/Mr. Radzanowski
  • Director for Office of Evaluation/Ms. Petro (Acting)
  • Director for Council Staff/Vacant
  • Associate Deputy Administrator/Mr. Keegan
    Associate Deputy Administrator for Strategy and Policy/Dr. Keiser
    Assistant Associate Administrator/Mr. Maples (Acting)
    Deputy Chief of Staff/Mr. French
    White House Liaison/Mr. Herczeg
    Chief Financial Officer/Dr. Robinson
    Chief Information Officer/Mr. Sweet
    Chief Engineer/Dr. Ryschkewitsch
    Chief Health and Medical Officer/Dr. Williams
    Chief Safety and Mission Assurance/Mr. Wilcutt
    Chief Scientist/Vacant
    Chief Technologist/Dr. Peck
    General Counsel/Mr. Wholley
    Inspector General/Mr. Martin
    Associate Administrator for Communications/Mr. Weaver
    Associate Administrator for Diversity and Equal Opportunity/Ms. Manuel
    Associate Administrator for Education/Mr. Melvin
    Associate Administrator for International and Interagency Relations/Mr. O’Brien
    Associate Administrator for Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs/Mr. Statler
    Associate Administrator for Small Business Programs/Mr. Delgado
    Associate Administrator for Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate/Dr. Shin
    Associate Administrator for Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate/Mr. Gerstenmaier
    Associate Administrator for Science Mission Directorate/Dr. Grunsfeld
    Associate Administrator for Space Technology Mission Directorate/Dr. Gazarik
    Associate Administrator for Mission Support Directorate/Dr. Whitlow
  • Assistant Administrator for Human Capital Management/Ms. Buchholz)
  • Assistant Administrator for Procurement/Mr. McNally
  • Assistant Administrator for Protective Services/Mr. Mahaley
  • Assistant Administrator for Strategic Infrastructure/Ms. Dominguez
  • Assistant Administrator for Internal Controls and Management Systems/Ms. Baugher
  • Director, NASA Management Office/Dr. Whitlow (Acting)
  • Executive Director, Headquarters Operations/Mr. Henn
  • Executive Director, NSSC/Mr. Smith

  • Directors, NASA Centers

    Ames Research Center/Dr. Worden
    Armstrong Flight Research Center/Mr. McBride
    Glenn Research Center/Mr. Free
    Goddard Space Flight Center/Mr. Scolese
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Dr. Elachi
    Johnson Space Center/Dr. Ochoa
    Kennedy Space Center/Mr. Cabana
    Langley Research Center/Ms. Roe
    Marshall Space Flight Center/Mr. Scheuemann
    Stennis Space Center/Dr. Gilbrech

    Executive Secretariat/Mr. Box
    Office of the Administrator/Ms. Manuel
    Office of the Administrator/Ms. McNair
    Office of the Administrator/Ms. McCannon
    Office of the Deputy Administrator/Ms. Roberts
    Office of the Deputy Administrator/Ms. Ross
    Office of the Deputy Administrator/Mr. McWilliams
    Office of the Deputy Administrator/Mr. Nelson
    Office of the Associate Administrator/Ms. Wijdoogen
    Office of Agency Council Staff/Mr. McMurry
    Office of the Chief Scientist/Dr. Allen


    Program Description

    Selection Criteria


    Additional Information/

    Send the completed application package for each nominee directly to:

    Mid-Level Leader Program

    The NASA Fellowship provides high potential (GS-13 through SES) employees with the opportunity to attend world-class academic programs as a means of enhancing their management and leadership capabilities.  These programs provide an excellent opportunity for participants to study and work with individuals Government-wide, nationally with industry participants, and globally with international students.The NASA Mid-Level Leader Program (MLLP) is a 16-month program which provides significant leadership development for a diverse, Agency-wide group of individuals who have high potential for assuming greater leadership responsibilities in formal management or program/project management roles.

      The program elements include:
    • Curriculum focused on cohort building, collaboration and leading across traditional boundaries.
    • Four core learning sessions, a three to six month career-broadening rotation, mentoring sessions with respected NASA leaders, professional coaching sessions, and other Individual Development Plan driven learning activities. Activities are spread out over the 16 months in order to provide maximum flexibility for the participant and the supervisor and in order to maintain continuity with the current Center.

    GS-13 and GS-14 employees with at least two years of NASA service and who have attended a minimum of one (1) Center or Agency level leadership development course within the last five years. Applicants should include Center and Agency training taken to date, including course title and date in their applications. Applications not containing this information will be returned to the Centers and not forwarded to the Panel for further consideration.

    NASA Form 1789 and Form 1789A (supplement)

    Debbie Markham

    Nancy Stewart


    NASA FIRST aims to develop a community of prospective future leaders who will have a full understanding of the Agency's vision and mission. The program is one year part-time, including four training modules hosted at a different center, shadowing of senior leaders, mentoring, professional coaching sessions, individual development, and group projects.

    GS-11 and GS-12 employees with at least one year of NASA service in science, engineering, and the professional administrative fields who also possess the foundational skills necessary for future success within the Agency.

    NASA Form 1792 and Form 1792A (supplement)

    Michele Beisler

    Katie Jennings